Visitor Management System - 1UPAMS

VMS Premium Features

1UPVMS has all the best features to streamline your workplace, business or front desk.

Foolproof Security

Foolproof your premises by directly matching the details of visitors with their face. Real-time authentication and reporting 

Visitor Insights

Improve visibility and accountability by maintaining digital records that can not be altered.

Visitor Ease

Ensure seamless visitor experience portraying professionalism at the same time. Make an everlasting impression on your visitors each time they visit.

Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Prioritize your visitors, pre-register them for fast check-ins. Also, blacklist the restricted ones. Keep unwanted visitors out by screening them against the stored database

Custom Visit Badges

Print visitor, host and other details on the badge. Spot your visitors in a glimpse.

Extra Information

Collect visitors’ extra information like government ids, documents, etc.

Be Omnipresent

Manage Multiple Locations, Sites and Devices using one powerful dashboard

Real People, Real Support

Email, Phone, Live Chat and Video Tutorials Support. Free Installation and demo.

VMS Add Ons

Face Recognition

Upgrade to Face Recognition feature. Instantly remember recurring guests just capture photos upon check-in, to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.


Seamlessly integrate any software with 1UP and sync your visitor’s data across platforms. Unify all your systems and make your workplace efficient.  

Unlimited SMS Notification

Opt for unlimited SMS feature for the instant host, check-in and out, feedback notifications with custom messages.

Ready to try 1UPVMS Expertise?

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